Elite Drug Test Kit (9-in-1)

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Elite Drug Test Kit (9-in-1)


The Elite Drug Test Kit (9-in-1) is a comprehensive drug testing kit that offers a wide range of tests to detect a variety of substances. This kit includes nine different test strips, each designed to detect a different drug or substance.


1. Wide range of tests: The Elite Drug Test Kit offers tests for the following substances:

– 1. Marijuana: Test for the presence of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

– 2. Cocaine: Detects the presence of cocaine and its metabolites.

– 3. Methamphetamine: Identifies the presence of methamphetamine and its metabolites.

– 4. MDMA (Ecstasy): Identifies the presence of MDMA, also known as ecstasy.

– 5. Ketamine: Detects the presence of ketamine, a powerful anesthetic.

– 6. Oxycodone: Detects the presence of oxycodone, a prescription drug used to treat pain.

– 7. Amphetamine: Identifies the presence of amphetamine and its derivatives.

– 8. Benzodiazepine: Detects the presence of benzodiazepines, a class of sedatives.

– 9. Barbiturates: Identifies the presence of barbiturates, a class of sedatives.

2. Easy to use: The Elite Drug Test Kit is designed to be easy to use, with clear step-by-step instructions. Simply collect a urine sample, dip the test strip in the sample, and wait for the indicated time. The test results will be displayed on the test strip after a few minutes.

3. Fast and accurate: The kit provides quick and reliable results, with a detection time of just a few minutes. The tests are sensitive and accurate, providing accurate results for various substances.

4. Travel-friendly: The compact and lightweight design of the kit makes it convenient for travel. It can be easily stored in a bag or suitcase, allowing you to conduct drug tests at any time and any place.

5. Confidential: The kit comes with a privacy cover, ensuring confidentiality when conducting drug tests.


1. Prepare the test kit: Remove all the test strips from the sealed pouch.

2. Collect urine sample: Collect a urine sample into a clean cup or container.

3. Dip the test strip: Dip the test strip into the urine sample for about 5 seconds.

4. Wait for the results: Remove the test strip from the urine sample and wait for the indicated time. The results will be displayed on the test strip after a few minutes.

5. Interpret the results: Compare the color of the test strip with the color chart provided with the kit. Positive test results will appear as one line on the strip, while negative results will appear as two parallel lines.

6. Dispose of the test strips: After testing, dispose of the test strips in a designated container or bag.

Safety Information

1. Caution: The Elite Drug Test Kit is designed for professional use only. It is not intended for use by individuals without professional knowledge or training.

2. Storage: Store the kit in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

3. Expiration: Follow the expiration date on the kit to ensure accurate and reliable results.


The Elite Drug Test Kit (9-in-1) offers a comprehensive range of tests to detect various drugs and substances. With its ease of use, fast results, and high accuracy, this kit is ideal for professionals working in the field of drug testing or for personal use.


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