RTI-111 ( Dicholoropane )


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RTI-111 (Dicholorophane)


RTI-111, also known as dichlorophane, is a synthetic compound that belongs to the class of phorbol esters. It is commonly used as a research reagent in various biological and medicinal applications. RTI-111 exhibits potent biological activities and has been the subject of extensive studies. This document provides an overview of RTI-111, including its chemical structure, synthesis methods, and potential applications.

Chemical Structure

The chemical structure of RTI-111 is depicted below:

Chemical structure of RTI-111

Synthesis Methods

RTI-111 can be synthesized via several methods. One popular route involves the reaction of 4-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid and 4-chloronitrobenzene in the presence of a strong acid catalyst. Another approach involves the condensation of 4-chloronitrobenzene and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid. Both methods yield the desired compound in moderate yield.

Biological Activities

RTI-111 exhibits a wide range of biological activities, making it an attractive candidate for further investigation. Some of the notable activities include:

1. Tissue Growth Inhibitory Activity: RTI-111 has been shown to exhibit potent antitumor activity and can inhibit the growth of various cancer cells in vitro.

2. Inflammatory Activity: RTI-111 exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to inhibit the production of inflammatory mediators in immune cells.

3. Immunosuppressive Activity: RTI-111 has been shown to act as a immunosuppressive agent, suppressing the immune system’s response to antigens.

4. Melanoma Treatment: RTI-111 has shown promise in the treatment of melanoma, inhibiting the growth and progression of melanoma cells.

5. Antiangiogenic Activity: RTI-111 exhibits antiangiogenic activity, inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels that support tumor growth.


RTI-111 is a synthetic compound with diverse biological activities. Its antitumor, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and antiangiogenic properties make it a promising candidate for further research and potential therapeutic applications. Ongoing studies are exploring the potential of RTI-111 to treat various medical conditions.

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