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Methylmethaqualone, also known as Quaaludes, is a narcotic drug that belongs to the amphetamine and barbiturate families. It was widely used as a sedative and hypnotic agent in the 1970s and early 1980s, but due to its potential for abuse and addiction, its medical use was eventually discontinued.

Chemistry and Structure

Methylmethaqualone is a synthetic compound that consists of a benzyl group attached to a central morpholine ring. The benzyl group is responsible for its sedative effects, while the morpholine ring contributes to its amphetamine-like properties.


Methylmethaqualone acts as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, primarily affecting the brain and spinal cord. It binds to specific receptors in the brain, leading to a decrease in brain activity and an increase in drowsiness.

Uses and Effects

Methylmethaqualone was primarily used as a sedative-hypnotic agent to treat insomnia, anxiety, and muscle spasms. It provided a sense of relaxation and well-being, but its effectiveness as a sleep aid was limited due to its short duration of action and potential for abuse.

When abused, methylmethaqualone produces a euphoric high, similar to amphetamines. However, it can also have negative effects such as anxiety, irritability, and confusion. Long-term use can lead to addiction and dependence, as well as serious health consequences.

Legality and Controversies

Methylmethaqualone is no longer approved for medical use in many countries due to its addictive nature and lack of therapeutic benefits. Its possession, distribution, and use are illegal in most parts of the world.

Methylmethaqualone gained popularity as a recreational drug in the 1970s, particularly among musicians and celebrities. Its association with drug abuse and addiction led to its criminalization and a shift in drug policy towards the stricter regulation of psychoactive substances.


Methylmethaqualone, also known as Quaaludes, is a synthetic drug that was once used as a sedative-hypnotic agent. However, its addictive nature and potential health consequences led to its discontinuation for medical use. Today, methylmethaqualone is primarily classified as a recreational drug and is illegal in most countries.

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